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7 Steps After Tagging

If you’ve recently added a tagging device to your vehicle, it’s essential to inform your insurance company to potentially benefit from discounts and ensure your coverage is up to date. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to disclose this information to your provider (or associated brokerage.)  1. Gather DocumentationFirst, ensure you have all necessary documentation related to the tagging device. This might include:  Purchase receipt or invoice Installation certificate or proof of professional installation Device specifications and features  Having these documents ready will streamline the communication process with your insurer.  2. Contact Your Insurance ProviderReach out to your insurance company or brokerage through their preferred communication channels. This could be via phone, email, or an online customer portal. Use the contact information provided on your policy documents or the company’s website.  Reaching out to us? Login to the Self-Serve Client Portal to submit this change on your policy and work with one of our Customer Service Pros to update your coverage in a timely manner.  3. Inform Your AgentThat’s us! When speaking to your insurance agent or representative, provide them with detailed information about the tagging device. Be ready to discuss:  The type of device installed The brand and model Date of installation Proof of purchase and installation  4. Submit Required DocumentsYour insurance provider may request documentation to verify the installation of the tagging device. Submit any requested documents, such as the receipt and installation certificate, via email, fax, or through their online portal, as instructed by your agent or broker. 5. Update Your PolicyAsk your insurance agent how the tagging device will affect your policy. This could include:  Potential discounts on premiums Any additional coverage options available due to the added security Updates to the policy terms and conditions  Make sure to review any changes thoroughly to understand how they impact your coverage and costs.  6. Confirm ChangesOnce your insurance provider has updated your policy, request confirmation of the changes in writing. This confirmation should outline any new discounts, changes in premium, and updates to your coverage. Keep this documentation with your policy records for future reference.  7. Regularly Review Your PolicyIt’s a good practice to review your insurance policy regularly, especially after making significant changes such as installing a tagging device. Ensure that all details are correct and that you’re receiving the appropriate benefits for the security measures you’ve implemented.  Benefits of Disclosing a Tagging DeviceBy informing your insurance company about the tagging device, you can:  Potentially Lower Premiums: Many insurance providers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with advanced anti-theft devices. Enhanced Coverage: Some insurers may offer additional coverage options for vehicles with tagging devices. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle is better protected and that your insurance policy reflects these added security measures.  _ Adding a tagging device to your vehicle is a smart move to enhance its security and potentially reduce your insurance premiums. By following these steps to disclose the device to your insurance company, you ensure that your policy is up-to-date and that you’re maximizing any available benefits.  For more personalized advice and assistance, contact us and let us help you secure the best possible coverage for your vehicle. 

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