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Open Enrollment for 2024 coverage starts soon! Get ready now.

You can enroll in a Marketplace health plan for 2024 starting November 1, but don’t wait to get ready. Start preparing now to make enrollment faster and easier. 


5 tips to get ready to enroll: Review the 4 simple steps to enroll.Use this checklist (PDF, 189 KB) to get what you need before you start your application. This way you’ll be ready when the Marketplace asks for basic information about you and your household.Get an idea if you’ll qualify for savings — most people do! Understand why having health insurance is important. Health insurance covers unexpected medical costs and offers many other important benefits, like preventive care and mental health coverage.Learn how to choose the right plan. Knowing just a few things before you compare plans can help you choose. Start with more tips to help you get ready to apply for 2024 — don’t miss out on affordable coverage!

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