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How Autonomous Vehicles and Self-Driving Features Are Shaping Risk and Premiums

The rise of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and self-driving features are transforming the auto insurance industry. At Duliban Insurance, we recognize these changes and provide tailored solutions, including our specialized electric vehicle insurance. Let’s explore how AVs are influencing risk assessment and premium calculations, ensuring that you stay informed and protected. 1) Risk Assessment Minimized Human ErrorOne of the primary benefits of AVs is the reduction of human error, which accounts for a significant portion of traffic accidents. Autonomous systems are designed to follow traffic rules meticulously, make precise calculations, and react quickly to changing conditions, thus potentially reducing the frequency of accidents. This shift requires insurers to rethink traditional risk models that heavily factor in human error. New Types of RisksWhile AVs reduce certain risks, they introduce new ones, such as software malfunctions, sensor failures, and cyber threats. Insurers must now consider these technological vulnerabilities when assessing risk, leading to the creation of new insurance products tailored for these specific issues. Complex Repair CostsAutonomous vehicles come with advanced technology, including sensors, cameras, and complex computing systems. When accidents occur, the cost of repairing or replacing these components can be significantly higher than for traditional vehicles. Insurers must factor in these potential costs when determining premiums for AV owners. Changes in Theft RiskAutonomous vehicles often come equipped with advanced security features that can reduce the likelihood of theft. Features such as GPS tracking, remote shutdown capabilities, and enhanced security systems can make AVs less attractive to thieves. This reduction in theft risk can influence insurers to adjust premium calculations accordingly.  2) Calculating a New Premium Data-Driven PremiumsAVs generate extensive data, including detailed information on driving patterns, vehicle performance, and environmental interactions. This data allows insurers to move towards usage-based insurance models, where premiums are calculated based on actual driving behavior rather than estimates. Personalized premiums can better reflect the reduced risks associated with autonomous driving. Liability ShiftsThe introduction of AVs shifts some liability from the driver to the vehicle manufacturer and software developers. This shift necessitates changes in how premiums are structured, with a potential increase in product liability insurance for manufacturers and a corresponding decrease in personal liability for drivers.  3) The Role of EV Insurance Comprehensive Coverage for Modern VehiclesAs autonomous vehicles often overlap with electric vehicles (EVs), it’s crucial to have insurance that covers the unique aspects of these modern technologies. We offer specialized coverage that caters to the needs of both AV and EV owners. Our policies ensure comprehensive plans, including protection against new technological risks and liabilities such as the ones listed above. Our Partnership with the EV Society of CanadaThrough our partnership with the EV Society of Canada, we’re fortunate to stay at the forefront of advancements in vehicle technology. This collaboration enables us to provide cutting-edge insurance solutions that are specifically designed for this growing community, and to work together toward a greener future._ If you own an electric or autonomous vehicle, it’s essential to have the right insurance coverage. Our partnership with the EV Society of Canada ensures that we offer the most comprehensive and innovative solutions for modern vehicle owners – not to mention enhanced discounts to help you save! Contact our team today to learn more about our commitment to innovation and the tailored coverages we can offer for your ride. Image Source:<a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/3d-electric-car-parked_14371083.htm#fromView=search&page=1&position=18&uuid=b9e19e8c-e67f-4e9e-b216-a54fc0905b3b”>Image by freepik</a>

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