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Solar Panel Installation Safety | INSURICA

Taking the initiative to use solar energy for your home will not only help the environment, but it can save you money, too. Your monthly energy bills could decrease dramatically and it could even add value to your house. Make sure your investment is a sound one by following these simple dos and don’ts of do-it-yourself solar panel installation.

Do consult an electrician before installation to ask questions and get pointers.
Do wear the proper personal protective gear—such as goggles and gloves—to protect from the risk of cuts and burns.
Do remove branches or other objects obstructing the solar unit to gain efficiency and prevent panel breakage.
Do consult a professional to determine whether your solar panel(s) require flush mounts, roof/ground (also known asuniversal) mounts or pole mounts.
Do keep the panel(s) packed in the box and keep the faces covered with opaque material until ready to use.
Do install panels securely and properly to counterbalance wind uplift and prevent damage to your roof.
Do have your work inspected by qualified professional before use (some states require this).
Do not attempt a solar panel installation unless you are qualified to do so.
Do not attempt to install a solar hot water heater unless you are qualified to do so.
Do not work in close proximity to overhead power lines.
Do not attempt a solar panel installation alone or without someone standing by to watch for hazards or emergencies.

Safety First
Solar panels can be a great but high-risk investment. Following these pointers is just one way to protect your home, your property and yourself.
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